Finished College… What now?

SO, you’ve just finished college, -or are about to. What do you do now? University? Take a gap year? Apprenticeship? Courses? Work full time? Travel?

It’s confusing when there are so many people telling you different things, advising you from their experiences or personal views on life, ‘This will help you in the future, trust me’.

Just for a second, STOP. Do your research. Ask yourself ‘what do I want?’ What you believe will help you, empower you? Drive you? Always keeping your standards high, of course. 😉 It’s okay to ask for the views of others, but don’t let it indulge you, overwhelm you and take over your mind.

If you want to go to university then go for it, if it’s work then go for it, if its an apprenticeship then you do that, whatever makes you happy, whatever drives you to get out of bed every morning,  making the most of each second. You do it. You, do you.

Find what you love and let it kill you –Bukowski

If you’re not yet 100% sure, it’s fine, breath. It’ll be okay. Consider taking a year out, allowing yourself to delve into different opportunities, benefiting from different experiences, finding what suits you.

Try planning your year, listing what you want accomplished at the end of the 365 days. Find a job (it may be hard, but worth it) have some money coming in, look into courses which may interest you, volunteer, travel, learn to cook, ride a bike, learn to drive, make time for friends and family, whatever YOU want! Have fun -enjoy life. Remember a ‘gap year’ is probably the longest ‘holiday’ you’ll ever have, do everything you’ve always wanted. Your tomorrow is today.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, keep working on yourself, don’t worry about others or compare situations. We’re all different, learn to accept yourself. BUKOWSKI








Drop any questions you may have 🙂

-Adeeba x