About me

I think writing about yourself can be one of the easiest, yet hardest thing’s to do (oxymoron). It’s true though, right? I mean you’ve gotta make sure you make yourself sound whoamiamazing, interesting and all… but, you’r e just like “I’m me”. Yes, I am, me.

Hi there, I’m Adeeba,  I’m from London, I have green eyes, I’m 18, I’ve just finished college, I’m on a gap year. I love writing (duh, why else would you be blogging?). I want to blog about everything, (literally) places I’ve visited, write short stories, offer advice, make up, clothes, food… just life, you get the gist?  I also just love EastEnders, Pretty Little Liars and I’m just an ordinary girrrrrrrl.


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