MAYBELLINE Matte Lipstick Review

So, about a month ago I purchased three matte lipsticks from Maybelline. I sought for three different types of colours, a nude, a light orange/red and a dark plummy colour (my fav!) As I’ve been using them for a while now I thought I’d share my opinions on the products.

IMG_2298The lipsticks individually were £7 each. However I got  ‘3 for the price of 2’ which I found to be pretty good! The textures of the lipstick are slightly creamy and matte. Overall their good on, long-lasting, giving you a smooth look and wearing comfortable.


TIP: Always try on lipsticks to see how they look on you and how you feel wearing it, before purchasing.

DIVINE WINE. 975. This was my favourite purchase out of the three, a very dark plum like colour with a red undertone. I LOVE dark colours and this was just right for me. I felt this one also wore the best on, it was creamy, matte, long lasting smooth and doesn’t crack on your lips, leaving them dry! I’d really recommend this if you’re a fan off darker colours and want to wear it for an evening out or celebration. As it’s quite dark, it definitely places allot of attention on your lips.


RAVISHING ROSE. 538. My second favourite, this is one of those perfect colours if you want something on your lips but don’t want to be too out there! It’s not red and it’s not orange, it’s pretty much a mixture of the two. This one, I wear constantly. It gives off a slight gloss and shine when worn, it’s long lasting and feels comfortable on. Definitely my go to lipstick!

SWATCHES: Two swipes each





NUDE EMBRACE. 930. I’d describe the colour as a light light nude. Out of the three, I’d probably say this was my least favorite. I feel this is quite chipping and makes your lips look dry, it doesn’t last on too long and fades away. However, it is also because I have a light complexion and so you can’t really tell when I’m wearing this. I opt to mix it with my darker nude, making it more apparent. If this does however suit you, it would make for a perfect everyday nude!

-Adeeba X

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